How the Passport Works


So, just how does this Craft Beer Passport work? That’s easy. 

Share it with Friends

When you’re hitting the road for a brewery tour, make sure you and friends all have a passport to document the experience. If they need one, order it here.

Show your Passport

Show your passport at South Dakota breweries featured in the Craft Beer Passport and request their drink special. 

Get Your BOGO beer

Enjoy a one time, BOGO beer special at most breweries. Those that do not will still stamp your passport to show you visited.

Get Stamped

Have the bartender stamp their respective brewery page. Remember, there are bragging rights on the line if you fill up the passport.

Get all social with it

Share your travel and brewery stops on social media. If you like, tag us at @SouthDakotaCraftBeerPass on Instagram and use the hashtag #SouthDakotaCraftBeer.

Win cool swag

With nearly 50 breweries in South Dakota, hitting the road and enjoying great beer should be easy. If you tag us and a brewery on social, we’ll put you in our random drawing for a T-shirt.*

I’m all about that #SouthDakotaCraftBeer. Count me in.

* T-shirts given away at random from online users who tag us in a social media post.