Tour Sioux Falls Breweries with Ale Hope Brewery Tours

by | Apr 3, 2022

One great way to experience the many breweries in Sioux Falls is with Ale Hop Brewery Tours.

Ale Hop provides a great way to check out the exploding craft brewery scene in Sioux Falls.  Public or Private tours allow you to sit back and enjoy a chauffeured ride to all of the Sioux Falls breweries listed in the South Dakota Craft Beer Passport.

Note: Ale Hop Brewery Tours is not associated with the South Dakota Craft Beer Passport. But we both love craft beer, and we’re happy to share our passion for craft beer right here in the Rushmore State.

Ale Hop Brewery Tours: Where micro fans meet micro brews.

Learn more and book your tour today at www.alehopbrewerytours.com.

ale hop brewery tours

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